Brand and history

Brand DeLav

Cosmeceutical products are specially created for the total sensitive skin care. Creating the brand, we were guided by the following principles:

- Natural ingredients and the absence of potential allergens. In the composition there are no perfumes, dyes, silicones, parabens, alcohol, mineral oils and petrochemical products. We believe that the less ballast substances and chemicals the product has the faster the recovery of the skin runs.

- Innovative biotechnological development. We are a young brand, which is keen on innovations, uses all the brand- new medicine and cosmetology technologies. In the development of formulas, epigenetic factors, the effect of individual components on microbiomas and the skin immune system are taken into account.

- Visible and persistent result due to harmonization processes. The main task of cosmetic products is stimulation of skin immunity and its own reserves for metabolic processes normalization, multilevel skin renewal and anti-aging.

History of DeLav

The history of DeLav began with the founder of the brand, Demchenko Larissa, in 2014. During her internship in France, as a practicing cosmetician-esthetician, she discussed a lot with the French colleges. As it turned out, our countries have similar problems - a high percentage of people with sensitive skin.

Larisa Demchenko: "My medical education suggested that the problem of high skin sensitivity will only get worse with time. And to find a brand that fully satisfies modern knowledge about this problem is simply not possible. Preparations for resolving the client’s problems had to be collected “every little bit helped”. And then, in France, my colleagues gave me an idea: it's time to convert successful practical experience into your own brand. So it all started ... "

The first step in product developing was a piece of paper listing the necessary preparations and the desired formulas of the active ingredients. Next there was a team of pharmacologists, technologists, microbiologists, cosmetologists and dermatologists, who helped implement the intended project into finished products. It took two years to do preparatory work, multi-level testing and advancing the improvement. In 2016, the first small batch of drugs was produced.


A pharmacist, a cosmetologist-esthetician with extensive experience in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.


Chemist-technologist, developer of cosmetic products with experience more than 15 years.

"My job is connected with organic and natural cosmetics, so when I was asked to help" pack "cosmeceutical products in a natural casing it appeared to be a real challenge. Due to innovative delivery systems of natural active ingredients, we have managed to make truly effective products. "


A graduate of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University with a degree in Microbiology, a Junior Researcher (biology), a microbiologist at the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education by Shupyk, speciality "Laboratory Immunology"

"My area of interest is immunology, so I understand the importance of beneficial bacteria and their effect on our body." The essential factor is that friendly interaction between the body cell and microflora is the key to their normal functioning. " Cosmetic range DeLav draws special attention, since the components in composition have a complex effect, both on the skin cell and its microflora, which is visually noticeable in a healthy appearance. "