The philosophy of DeLav is the production of high quality products from natural raw materials specially created for sensitive skin using the latest innovative technologies, adherence to quality standards at all stages of manufacturing. Individual approach to skincare needs of each customer, constant development and product perfection. The main task of beauty products is skin immunity stimulation and its own reserves to balance metabolic processes, deep renewal and fight against aging.

The philosophy of professional cosmetics DeLav includes such important concepts:

  • Cosmeceutical products targeting for sensitive skin;
  • Individual approach to skincare needs of each customer;
  • Selection of the most effective ingredients;
  • Production according to pharmaceutical standards;
  • Using the most innovative technologies in the production of cosmeceuticals;
  • Quality control at all stages of production;
  • Guarantee of right preservation and activity of the ingredients;
  • Visible results and high effectiveness of programs and cosmeceuticals.