DeLav cometics manufacturing is based on European quality standards.

Cosmetics are produced at the private enterprise "Ekobiz" production facilities with the certificate ISO 22716: 2007 Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The fulfillment of the GMP requirements and ISO standards ensures the production stability and guarantees that the product is made in accordance with the recipe, does not contain impurities, is properly labeled, packaged and retains the declared properties throughout the shelf life. Compliance with GMP rules allows us to standardize the production process and achieve high quality products, and is also a prerequisite for the brand distribution on the international market.

Cosmetic manufacturers follow GMP rules (Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices) ISO 22716: 2007. The basic principles are aimed at product quality improvement in the process of its production due to highly qualified personnel, certified equipment, raw materials and containers. ISOistranslatedastheInternationalOrganizationforStandardization.