What age group are DeLav cosmetics suitable for?

Beauty products DeLav are universal: they can be used by all age groups and for any skin types. The brand is specialized in two important ways: "sensitive skin" and "individual approach". Hypersensitivity can appear at any age, as a temporary phenomenon, and as constant skin feature.

Medication delivery format in a "designer" form allows to solve specific tasks depending on skin needs, season, age and other rapidly changing parameters. Accordingly, the selection of such "intellectual" means cannot be done without a specialist advice. That is why the cosmetic brand DeLav is not sold in stores. It is designed to work in a beauty parlor within the framework of specially developed programs, as a result the client receives a full consultation. (On the site you can buy cosmetics 20% cheaper if you enter a cosmetologist Promo cod. This means that the client will keep in touch with his\her specialist and receives timely advice).