How long does it take to create a complete product?

All products of DeLav cosmetics go their long way from idea to a complete beauty jar - this can take from 6 months up to a year and a half. A large group of people works on the development of each new cosmetic product: pharmacists, dermatologists, technologists, microbiologists, cosmetologists. In our team we try to attract experienced, high-level specialists. Due to this approach, high-quality formulas appear in which individual ingredients are harmoniously combined, providing a good result.

When developing new products there are always multitasking questions: Which packaging is right for the product? Where to find the raw materials necessary for the recipe, of the required quality and in sufficient quantity? Is the raw material safe? What kind of product (gel, cream)? And as a rule, there are plenty of similar questions starting with the idea up to the product development. And only when the developed formulation is finally confirmed, the product begins to be prepared for the production.